PUB 201 | Peer Review 1

This week in my publishing course, we were asked to review the website of one of our peers, and I had the pleasure of reviewing Elle’s blog, Letter Elle.

About Letter Elle

Letter Elle is a personal and lifestyle blog.

Immediately upon loading Elle’s homepage, I was greeted with a vibrant yellow logo and welcoming blue background. The colour scheme and layout of her site transported me back to the early Y2K days of blogging – and I am here for it! The formatting of her posts and pages seem fitting to the type of personal (and highly visual) content that she has been publishing so far.

In terms of tone, Elle is doing a great job at remaining friendly and personal. Reading her content makes it feel like you are reading someone’s journal or a letter from a close friend. I think that she should stick with this type of tonality as it will help her readers engage with her and relate to her more.

Opinions and Recommendations

Elle also has a page on her blog titled “Letters to Elle,” and while there is not any content on here yet, I am excited to see what it is all about. I think it would be a very strategic move for her to invite her readers to submit questions, stories, or topics that Elle can respond to and engage with them. In Seth Godin’s Tribe Casebook (2014), he cites Dimitri Limberopulos’ argument that “When someone asks you a question you become momentarily (and sometimes permanently) the leader of a Tribe” (p. 64). If Elle takes this stance on her blog, she could potentially lead her own “tribe” of dedicated followers who will support her brand over time.

Along with this idea of forming relationships with her readers, I am interested to know how Elle will collect information about her audience. Kevin Kelly explains that “with the advent of ubiquitous peer-to-peer communication and payment systems…everyone has access to excellent tools that allow anyone to sell directly to anyone else in the world” (2008). As she accepts contact from her readers, I would urge Elle to consider collecting more information about who her audience is, or at least, how she can stay in contact with them. This could be as simple as collecting their email addresses, and creating an e-newsletter to keep her readers engaged. She has already done a great job at linking her social media handles to her site (LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest), so this could also be a great way to keep her readers up to date on her latest content.

Finally, it may be because her blog is still in its early phase, but I would urge Elle to consider; “What’s your why?” (Jiwa as cited in Godin, 2014). This meaning for her site could be as simple as documenting her adventures through life, or it could be more focused on providing a two-way dialogue between her and readers around the world. Whatever she decides, I am excited to see where Letter Elle is headed!


Godin, S. (2014). The Tribes Casebook [web log]. Retrieved January 27, 2022, from https://seths.blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/CurrentTribesCasebook.pdf.

Kelly, K. (2008, March 4). 1,000 true fans. The Technium. Retrieved January 27, 2022, from https://kk.org/thetechnium/1000-true-fans/

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