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Writing for Social Media 101

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Writing content for social media is different than writing for other platforms. Social media is unique and the type of content that is succeeds is also unique. On social media, you are competing with many other people and brands for attention, so your content needs to be strategic. Here are some tips to get you started on your social media content journey:

Consider the platform you are using

Not all social media platforms are the same. Some content will perform better on some platforms and may not work for others. Once you have determined who your audience is and which social media platform will be the best to connect with them, you need to know what content will perform best.

Here’s a quick rundown.

  • If you’re using Instagram or Pinterest, your content should be highly visual, using mostly high quality images and some short-form videos.
  • If you’re using Tik Tok or Snapchat, consider using videos, making use of filters and trends, and creating more casual and relatable content.
  • If you’re using YouTube, long-form videos are your best bet.
  • If you’re using Twitter, short written content (usually comedic) will work well.
  • If you’re using Facebook, consider using the platform to amplify content by linking to outside articles and sources.

Casualness and Comedy

Depending on your brand, using a casual and comedic tone on social media can get you far. There is something so intriguing and inviting about brands that sound like ‘real people’ and don’t take themselves too seriously.

For example, you have probably heard of how Wendy’s used their Twitter account to roast others in a refreshingly comedic but still brand-friendly way. Or maybe you have seen Duolingo’s Duo the Owl cracking people up with their ‘unhinged’ Tik Tok videos.

Now, this won’t work for every brand as you don’t want to shock your followers with out-of-character content, but if done for the right brand, it can perform very well and help increase brand awareness and brand likeability.

Boost reach with hashtags

It may seem simple, but using relevant hashtags on your content can really help boost your reach and help your content perform well with algorithms.

The number of hashtags and the way you use them (e.g.: stick to less than five hashtags on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but it’s okay to use more on Instagram) will depend on the platform you are using, so be sure to follow guidelines and not overwhelm your followers with a hashtag-overload.

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