PUB 201 | Peer Review 2

About The Visual Mediator

For this week in PUB 201, I will be reviewing a peer’s website. This is “The Visual Mediator,” an outlet for meaningful conversations about art, contemporary issues, and a portfolio of beautiful photography.

Upon navigating to The Visual Mediator’s website, I was instantly satisfied with the professional layout and intriguing photographs. The site can be instantly identified as a photography website without needing to poke around. I enjoy the monochromatic tones of the website’s theme with pops of red to stand out visually and call the reader to different areas to navigate. Aside from the obviously stunning photographs, I enjoy the way that the website has been laid out for ease of use. The photography portfolio section is easily labelled with “experimental,” “animals” and “portfolio” work, so whomever visits the site can easily find what they’re looking for (if you’re me…that would definitely be the cute cat photos🐱)!

I am also super intrigued by the topics and writing style on this website. The copy is clear and entertaining to read, which I think is a great way to keep readers interested!

Opinions and Recommendations

I did notice a couple navigational errors and/or broken links on the site; however, it seems as though this is being repaired as the site is currently under some construction! The issue that I found takes place when trying to click on the grey navigation buttons below. It should be just a simple link repair, and is not overly threatening to the site’s current functionality.

One suggestion that I would make for this site would be to download a plugin that will allow users to subscribe to the blog and/or to create a newsletter to send out to blog subscribers. I think it would be a wonderful idea to capture her readership audience through subscriptions and to keep them coming back to her site with monthly newsletters. I would suggest filling the newsletter with some recent stunning artwork as well as some top performing blog posts to encourage them to read more.

Another suggestion that I would make is to include links to social media accounts to allow users to connect on different platforms. I was not able to find any social media links while browsing the site, so I think it could be a good idea to include them either in the main menu navigation or at the footer of the site. Platforms like Instagram would be great for sharing such aesthetic images, and it would become another avenue for people to discover the website.

My final recommendation would be to add a monetization function and/or appointment scheduling function to the website so that customers can sign up for photography sessions. It seems like this is the intention as some of the pages are still under construction, and this feature may be added in the future. It would be a very seamless tie in for users to experience a portfolio of photography work and then instantly book their own session.

Overall, I was very impressed with the professionality and aesthetics of The Visual Mediator’s website. I am looking forward to continuing to see this site grow. Be sure to check it out too!

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