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Genevieve Gignac launches writing service for small businesses in Vancouver | Press Release

February 25 2022

Vancouver, BCGenevieve Gignac, a communications student from Simon Fraser University, announced today the launch of her content writing services for small businesses in Vancouver. With her unique content creation skillset and writing experience, Gignac is eager to start working with businesses in Vancouver to help send their messages out to the public.

“I’m looking forward to working with small businesses, especially female-owned businesses, and to share their stories with Vancouverites,” says Gignac. “I love working with companies that share similar values to my own and are eager to make a difference in the community”.

Since the launch of her website earlier this year, Gignac has been finishing up her communications degree and will be open to take more clients in the late spring.

To get in touch, please contact:

Genevieve Gignac via Contact Form

Note: this press release was created for my PUB 201 course at Simon Fraser University. The contents have been embellished for the purpose of this assignment.

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