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PUB 201 | Peer Review 3

This week, I am reviewing the third website from my publishing course. This is Joanna Lin‘s website.

About Joanna Lin

Joanna Lin’s blog is a professional portfolio for her graphic design, videography, and photography work.

When accessing her website, you are immediately greeted with a welcoming graphic of Joanna that invites a personal touch and immediately demonstrates to viewers Joanna’s clean and creative design skills. Her homepage is simple, clean, and aesthetically designed, almost like a business card, which fits her online professional identity. Running with the idea of a business card homepage, I would suggest that if Joanna is comfortable with it, she could include a professional email address and/or a contact form on her homepage so that potential employers or customers could easily get in contact with her.

Navigating to her “About Me” page by clicking on her graphic, Joanna includes some more personal photos of herself, which again, helps readers put a face to her name. As a professional portfolio, it is great that Joanna is being candid about her identity and also sharing her personality through her writing (I loved learning that she is an avid movie-lover like myself)! Often employers or customers like to see some personality sprinkled into professional online presences, so Joanna is doing a good job with this. I would recommend that if she is interested, Joanna could consider adding a storytelling element that is outlined in the reading from Boxcar Marketing, like the ‘Overcoming the Monster’ or ‘Personal Stories’ elements could help readers connect even more (Storytelling for Business, 2022).

Opinions and Recommendations

Joanna also has a “Blog” section on her website. Her content is exactly what it needs to be here. She is offering quick design, videography, and photography tips to her readers, often with video tutorials embedded inside. This is a smart thing for her to do on her professional blog. Content marketing is a powerful tool that can entice readers into paying for your services by giving them bite-sized pieces of information for free, leaving them wanting more (The 5 C’s, 2022). While, she does not yet have a lot of blog content published here, I can appreciate the effort that she puts into each of these posts as it can be time-consuming to develop tutorials like these.

Next, I looked at the “For Fun” section of her site. I love the idea of this page as she is including entertaining and viral images/memes that are relevant to her area of business (design). This is another thoughtful way that Joanna is tying in her personality to her website. I would suggest here that Joanna include a plugin or widget to this page that allows readers to either leave comments, make submissions, or add reactions to the photos that she shares.

As an online portfolio, Joanna’s most important page is her “Projects” page, on which she shares her work and stories about her professional experiences. My only suggestion here is that she should share more content on this page because it will be the page that is most important to potential employers and/or customers. Not only professional/corporate projects should be shared here. I would suggest that she also shares some of her personal designs or images as it can help readers understand what area of design she is most interested. For example, knowing that she is a Netflix addict, it would be cool to see her tie in her love for movies and her design skills.

Overall, Joanna’s portfolio is very well-designed and thought-out. It will be a great addition to her resume if she’s looking for a job as it can set her apart from other applicants. I am looking forward to seeing where else Joanna takes her site!


Sherrett, M. (2012). “Storytelling for Business.” Retrieved from

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